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Welcome to the Centre for Finance - CFF!

In 2010 the Centre for Finance (CFF) received a grant from VINNOVA to establish one of Sweden’s three new research centers within finance. The Centre is also financed by the business community, the University of Gothenburg and the School of Business, Economics and Law.

CFF's mission is to contribute to a sustainable financial system through:

  • Excellent research focusing on financial intermediation, specifically the interaction between financial institutions and business/households.
  • An open and creative interdisciplinary research environment.
  • Close interaction with practitioners, education and society at large.

CFF’s vision is to advance the understanding and practice of financial intermediation and to be the leading Nordic research center in this field, with expertise in great demand. It is also to provide a highly regarded and exciting arena for collaboration among researchers, students, financial practitioners and policy makers.

We gratefully acknowledge the support by the Second Swedish National Pension fund - AP2, Handelsbanken, SEB, SKF, Volvo, the Independent saving banks in Western Sweden - fristående sparbankerna i Västra Sverige and the foundation for the Centre for Finance - Stiftelsen Centrum för finans.

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CFF conference June 1-2, 2015

The theme of the conference is financial intermediation, e.g. bank stability, macro- and microprudential regulation, Basel III and capital requirements.
Organizing committee: Anjan Thakor (Washington University in St Louis), Martin Holmén (Centre for Finance) and Ted Lindblom (Centre for Finance)
Speakers include: Speakers include Joao Santos (NY Federal Reserve Bank), Giorgia Piacentino (Washington Univ in St Louis), Piero Gottardi (EUI and Univ of Venice), Nittai Bergman (MIT), Paolo Fulghieri (Univ North Carolina), V.V. Chari (Univ Minnesota and Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis), Deborah Lucas (MIT), Manju Puri (Duke) as well as representatives from Swedish banks and regulatory authorities. More information and program.

Recent publications

Erik Hjalmarsson's article “Rise of the Machines: Algorithmic Trading in the Foreign Exchange Market” Journal of Finance 69, p 2045–2084. Erik´s coauthors are Alain Chaboud, Ben Chiquoine and Clara Vega.

"Rank matters-The impact of social competition on portfolio choice"
Dijk, Oege; Holmén, Martin; Kirchler, Michael
European Economic Review, 66 p. 97-110

"Do option-like incentives induce overvaluation? Evidence from experimental asset markets"
Holmén, Martin; Kirchler, Michael; Kleinlercher, Daniel
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 40 p. 179-194

"Investment allocation decisions, home bias and the mandatory IFRS adoption"
Hamberg, Mattias; Mavruk, Taylan; Sjögren, Stefan Journal of International Money and Finance, 36 p. 107-130


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