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Working papers

CFF Working Papers

Agmon, T., Kallir, I. 2012. Measurement and Financial Economics Valuation.

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Bielecki, T.R., Cousin, A., Crépey, S., Herbertsson, A. 2012. A Markov Copula Model of Portfolio Credit Risk with Stochastic Intensities and Random Recoveries

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Elliot, V. 2014. Funds Transfer Pricin in Swedish Savings Banks - A Survey.

Elliot, V., Cäker, M. 2014. One Regulation Diverse Banks.

Elliot, V., Lindblom, T. 2014. Funds Transfer Pricing in Banks - Implications of Basel III.

Fabretti, A., Gärling, T., Herzel, S., Holmén, M. 2014. Convex incentives in financial markets: An agent-based analysis.

Fang, D., Noe, T. 2014. Skewing the odds: Strategic Risk Taking in Contests.

Fang, D. 2016. Dry powder and short fuses: Private equity funds in emerging markets.

Fang, D., Noe, T. and Strack, P. 2017. Turning up the heat: The demoralizing effect of competition in contests.

Gärling, T., Michaelsen, P. and Gamble, A. 2018. Young Adults’ Use of Consumer Credit Influenced by Scarcity Mindset, Attitude Towards
Credit, and Financial Involvement and Knowledge

Gärling, T., Gamble, A., Klass, V. 2016. Buy and Sell Preferences in Financial Markets: Laboratory Experiments Investigating Influences of Anticipatory and Anticipated Emotions. Paper presented at the Research in Behavioral Finance Conference (RBFC) Sept 2016.

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Gärling, T., Gamble, A., Duxbury, D. 2014. Review, Conceptual Analysis, and Account of Emotions in Financial Markets.

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Mavruk, T. 2017. Does corporate social responsibility reduce local bias?

Mavruk, T. 2017. Local news and the change in local portfolios.

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Zamojski, M. 2016. Filtering With Confidence: In-sample Confidence Bands For GARCH Filters.



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